Human Rewilding for organisations, communities and individuals.

What follows are some field notes gathered through my journeying over the last few years — they’ve helped me alight on the idea of wild potential as an organising principle and rallying cry for building stronger communities, growing brands that matter and transitioning towards a flourishing world.

Jo Ellicott Photography

A bigger sense of what is possible

We live in…

Purpose as an unfolding thread and how to re-connect to it

Photo by Joanna Ellicott

Purpose in times of transition

In these times of transition and uncertainty so much is written about purpose — how we can live more purposefully and let it guide our actions / decisions / projects / work / life? In a sense we seem…

Build back better?

You hear a lot about change at the moment. We’ve been disrupted into new ways of being and the changes still seem to come. We’re being pulled across thresholds into new places to grow, new thinking, new feeling, no going back.

Build back better? Who knows? What’s better? Where’s back?

Mark Sears

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