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Human Rewilding for organisations, communities and individuals.


  • lue kraltchev

    lue kraltchev

  • Chris Packe

    Chris Packe

    Freelance outdoor activity instructor, coaching, mentoring, guiding

  • Louise Stewart-Young

    Louise Stewart-Young

  • Frances Khalastchi

    Frances Khalastchi

    Co-Founder at Better Bolder Braver — Marketing training and support that empowers coaches.

  • Anthony Oram

    Anthony Oram

    Co-Founder Hold design co. Chat about Bikes, design and walking my dog.

  • Laura Manly

    Laura Manly

  • Ciarán Thornton

    Ciarán Thornton

    Learning the craft of being human.

  • Nour Sidawi

    Nour Sidawi

    Mastering the art of disruption in procurement, leadership, and change @MoJGoVUK. Reimagining the future of multifarious possibilities with @OneTeamGov 🌍

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